CarmillaX (carmillax) wrote in plush_love,

crocheting plushies~~


I've been following this community for a while since I'm a HUGE plush-lover and now I decided to introduce you some of my plushies that I have made ^^

This is the first amigurumi I've ever made, I think he became very cute, even though I hadn't crocheted in 7 years XD He's tiny, about 15 cm tall and now he decorates my mug-shelf :D <3

This kitty I made for my friend for her birthday. The spots are made of PVC-fabric :D I kinda feel bad 'cos originally the kitty should have become turquoise (it's her favourite color) but I didn't have time to buy turquoise yarn so it became purple .___. oh well, my friend loved it very much anyway so I was happy ^^

I finished this one this morning ^^ It's a candy-pillow/plushie! XD It's about 50cm long.

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