In Letang we trust (fieldofdreams) wrote in plush_love,
In Letang we trust

Looking for a specific plush - GUND??

I am looking for a monkey/gorilla plush from the 70s/80s.
My parents had him before I was born but he was lost in an accident and I want to get him for them as a gift.
My mother misses him as this monkey was a gift from my dad when they were dating.

He is pretty large, I would say 18-20 inches and wide/fat. Quite cute.

I can't seem to remember if he is GUND or another company.

If anyone has pictures or know what I am talking about that would be greatly appreciated or if there are any other forums I can search for, that would be great ;D

I spent hours yesterday searching eBay but didn't come up with anything.

Thank you!

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