Nicole "AnimeCat" Holland (animecat) wrote in plush_love,
Nicole "AnimeCat" Holland

One Day Left for Rare Plushies Auction!

I have no idea why I never posted this here. I thought I had. Oops!

So, part of my collection of plush included a couple of rarities: an 18" Spyro the Dragon plush and a Robin Hood plush. The Spyro is of GOOD quality, not those nasty Styrofoam-pellet-filled cheap things you sometimes see at fairs. I'm talking, official, licensed plush. The Robin Hood is a Disney Store purchase. Both plush are out of production and very hard to find.

I have them up for sale. Links are below. Only 1 day left on these auctions!

Disney's Robin Hood

Spyro the Dragon

I do not have duplicates of either of these plush, nor have I ever seen another of them in the years that I have owned them. And I'm the original owner of both plush, having bought them brand new. They're each in excellent condition, having been lovingly cared for and used for display only. I'm hoping they'll go to a good new home!
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