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Hello everyone! Just wanted to share a few photos from a batch of Lovecats I did for Anime Expo.

The army of cats that were sold at our table. Every single one found a new home! :D I was so happy about that, but it means I didn't get to keep one for myself, so I'll have to make one just for me sometime.

Batcat! NanananananananananananananananaanBATCAT! My sister love this one best...

But my personal favorites were the eyepatch cats ♥ I think because when I was sewing them I thought they're be the ugliest, but turned out to be so cute!

I won't spam you with all the plushies I made, just wanted to share my two favorites. You can find more pictures and information about commissions in this journal entry.

I adore feedback, so please let me know what you think! ♥ Sorry if you see this twice, I posted to another plushie community too.
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Oh wow! These are so cute :D Great job on their design. I love simple plush dolls, and these really hit the spot with their easy form but creative details. I've been making sock animals (like monkeys, dogs, etc.) but have been using patterns from a craft book. I wish I were creative enough to design my own like this! Excellent work. How much do you sell these for? Have you an etsy shop? If so, friend me @ PaisleyAndPoise! Toodles :)