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Creative storage/display for plushies?

I plan to move in to an apartment with my boyfriend during the summer, and we both adore stuffed animals. He has a little less than I do, but we've both amassed quite awesome collections over the years. I estimate that our plushie collections combined will be something like 40-50 critters, possibly more. (This is after we've put away a good portion of them in storage.)

For me, that's way too many to just put on a bed. XD I could just put some of them in storage or the closet, and I may have to do that. However, I like having my collections around me to look at, and so does my boyfriend. I love artistic displays of figurines and what not.

Do any of you have ideas of creative ways of storing/displaying your plushies? With an apartment, space is a bit limited and any form of permanent shelves bolted into the wall is out. I've thought of getting a hammock, but it leans a bit too "kids room" for me. (Unless there are more creative/unusual hammocks out there…) Are there any other suggestions?
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