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For the Love of Plush [entries|friends|calendar]
For the Love of Plush

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Many Many Plushies For Sale! [28 Jan 2015|08:29pm]

Hey everyone! So I have SO many plushies for sale.. far too many to post right here so im going to post a link to pictures of them all :) the number below each picture is their price.. adopter pays stuffy price +shipping.. also USA adopters only please :) if you have any questions about any of the plushies I have listed please feel free to message me or to comment here

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Plushies for sale! [25 Oct 2012|11:34am]

I have a lot of plush that I want to sell due to lack of space! I need them gone as soon as possible since I am starting to be invade by them XD
They are all new with tag and was never been played with :)

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I ship from Canada
I will ship to Canada and United States. 
Shipping will be around $10 each sadly :( shipping from Canada is very expensive

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For sale! Plush Gloomy Bears! [11 Jul 2012|08:25pm]

Gloomy Bear Shag Pillow MWT *BLACK FACE TAG IS A STICKER* ~ $20 + shipping 

Gloomy Bear (Bloody) Pose-able Plush (Guessing about 16~19 inches long) MWT *TAG CREASE* $35 + shipping ( possibly OBO, originally bought for 45)

Gloomy Bear (Bloody, Blue) Small Plush (5~6 inches) MWT $5 + shipping

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[02 May 2012|05:48pm]

Hello plush_lovers, I'm new here (^_^)
I've come to you today because I'm looking for some soft, peach (skin) coloured fabric, but I can't find any anywhere! (>.<)
I'll need about 1m squared, and it'll need to be shipped to the UK :D
Any help is very very welcome, and if this post isn't allowed just let me know and I'll take it down gladly <3

Thank you <3
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Creative storage/display for plushies? [21 Apr 2012|09:58pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I plan to move in to an apartment with my boyfriend during the summer, and we both adore stuffed animals. He has a little less than I do, but we've both amassed quite awesome collections over the years. I estimate that our plushie collections combined will be something like 40-50 critters, possibly more. (This is after we've put away a good portion of them in storage.)

For me, that's way too many to just put on a bed. XD I could just put some of them in storage or the closet, and I may have to do that. However, I like having my collections around me to look at, and so does my boyfriend. I love artistic displays of figurines and what not.

Do any of you have ideas of creative ways of storing/displaying your plushies? With an apartment, space is a bit limited and any form of permanent shelves bolted into the wall is out. I've thought of getting a hammock, but it leans a bit too "kids room" for me. (Unless there are more creative/unusual hammocks out there…) Are there any other suggestions?

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Two very cute plushies! [16 Apr 2012|05:27am]

I have for sale an EXCELLENT quality, authentic Hansa plush dormouse. It is brand new, missing the hang tang but still has the tush tag. Hansa is well known for their hand crafed, highly detailed stuffed animals. It's almost a foot tall. This one originally sold for $40, but I'll let it go for $25 with shipping included within the US ($5 extra for international buyers).

I also have an adorable ferret plush by Gund with very silky fur. Brand new condition, selling it to make room in my collection. This particular ferret plush could only be obtained through the National Wildlife Federation's wildlife sponsorship program. 12 inches long from nose to tail tip. $15 with shipping included or best offer.

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Littlest Pet Shop plushie...is anyone interested? [08 Mar 2012|12:54pm]

I am selling her.

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Plushie Pillow Chibiterasu SALE -MUST GO! Brand new w/tags [26 Feb 2012|06:53pm]

Never been used, bought as a gift, want it out ASAP!!! $25
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Online Yard Sale and FREE STUFF!!! [13 Oct 2011|02:43pm]

[ mood | content ]


I've got TONS of plushies for sale over on my Journal, check it out!!  I also have some that are FREE as long as you cover shipping!!!!

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Polor Bears build an igloo! [21 Sep 2011|09:17pm]

if your bored and on facebook please leave a comment on my BF's polar bear plushie  entry on birds eyes win a fridge.


Please note no plushies were hurt during the making of this photo!
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How to Mesure a Plushie [30 Jul 2011|10:01am]
[ mood | curious ]

I saw this Minnie Mouse plush at: http://tinyurl.com/3jfz4km
I want to get her but I wan to be sure she is the same hight at my other Minne Mouse Plush I have. The one I have is the one in the red dress.

The question is do I measure is it from head to body/bottom or head to to foot.

(This leads to a problem I like Minnie Moues and Hello Kitty, does this makes me a two timing low life)

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Lovecats! [10 Jul 2011|09:33pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share a few photos from a batch of Lovecats I did for Anime Expo.

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Beast [06 Jun 2011|10:10pm]

[ mood | Finland! ]


This is the Beast plush that I adopted, from Amazon.com. He is way too cute and he has such a kind face! :)

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Selling a JUMBO Gloomy Bear plush! [06 Jun 2011|04:47pm]

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Beast Plush [03 May 2011|11:45pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

Hi, I'm looking for a slightly used Beast plush(doesn't matter if it's missing his tags)

I've been looking all over online and everybody wants 40 dollars for a new small Beast plush(I don't trust ebay)

I can make a payment by Money Order


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Seeking a La-Z-Boy raccoon [29 Apr 2011|06:29am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Does anyone know where to find the raccoon in this photo? I've checked eBay and the closest I could find is this fellow, which is only 20 inches long.

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One Day Left for Rare Plushies Auction! [13 Apr 2011|07:52pm]

I have no idea why I never posted this here. I thought I had. Oops!

So, part of my collection of plush included a couple of rarities: an 18" Spyro the Dragon plush and a Robin Hood plush. The Spyro is of GOOD quality, not those nasty Styrofoam-pellet-filled cheap things you sometimes see at fairs. I'm talking, official, licensed plush. The Robin Hood is a Disney Store purchase. Both plush are out of production and very hard to find.

I have them up for sale. Links are below. Only 1 day left on these auctions!

Disney's Robin Hood

Spyro the Dragon

I do not have duplicates of either of these plush, nor have I ever seen another of them in the years that I have owned them. And I'm the original owner of both plush, having bought them brand new. They're each in excellent condition, having been lovingly cared for and used for display only. I'm hoping they'll go to a good new home!
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Looking for a specific plush - GUND?? [03 Apr 2011|10:15am]


I am looking for a monkey/gorilla plush from the 70s/80s.
My parents had him before I was born but he was lost in an accident and I want to get him for them as a gift.
My mother misses him as this monkey was a gift from my dad when they were dating.

He is pretty large, I would say 18-20 inches and wide/fat. Quite cute.

I can't seem to remember if he is GUND or another company.

If anyone has pictures or know what I am talking about that would be greatly appreciated or if there are any other forums I can search for, that would be great ;D

I spent hours yesterday searching eBay but didn't come up with anything.

Thank you!

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Handmade Plushies for Sale [21 Mar 2011|01:34pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

I've made some plushies that I'm trying to sell, if anyone wants to take a look. I also take commissions, if anyone wants a specific doll, they can check out my journal for details.

Pictures of the plushies on sale are behind the cut!
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crocheting plushies~~ [20 Mar 2011|03:54pm]


I've been following this community for a while since I'm a HUGE plush-lover and now I decided to introduce you some of my plushies that I have made ^^

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