iwantcandy2 (iwantcandy2) wrote in plush_love,

Handmade Plushies for Sale

I've made some plushies that I'm trying to sell, if anyone wants to take a look. I also take commissions, if anyone wants a specific doll, they can check out my journal for details.

Pictures of the plushies on sale are behind the cut!

Plushie of Flandre Scarlet, from Touhou
This is Flandre Scarlet, from Touhou. She is 11" tall, handmade. I am asking $35 plus shipping.

Kiba from Wolf's Rain
This is Kiba from Wolf's Rain. The plushie is made of a soft fake-fur, and is 18" from nose-tip to tail-tip, 12" without the tail. I am asking $25 plus shipping.

If interested, please send me a message or email to iwantcandy2@excite.com Also, if interested in commissions of a specific character, visit http://iwantcandy2.livejournal.com/690.html Thank you!
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