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Welcome to the Plush Love community, where you can not only post pictures of your plush friends, but trade for new ones. We encourage responsible plush collectors to join up and share their images, as well as offer trades for plushies who need new homes. While Plushies of all persuasions are welcome, please keep your posts PG or PG-13. For erotic plushies, please see plushtails. Please bear in mind that many members of this community simply wish to enjoy their plush in non-sexual ways. See this post for more information.

When you join up, please introduce yourself. We'll add member addresses into the memories for trading purposes. Then, let the fun begin!

Posts offering to barter or sell plush are acceptable, as are posts looking for specific plushies!
If you're posting pictures, and we invite you to do so, please place them behind a cut. (How do I do that?) You may post a small teaser ahead of the cut, but please keep it to a reasonable size.

This community is moderated by Pshaw pshaw_raven and Ilea, ilea. Apply to either of them with complaints or problems, or to give us complements. We like complements. ;)